Assignment 07


Due: Thursday, November 8


1. “Rebrand” your design.

Based on the specifications outlined on the final project page, change the name of the brand. Work on Incorporating more of your own visual assets. For this project, it’s fine to use existing copy. I want to see a complete redesign for the final project.… not just a reorganization and version of the existing design.

2. Study other responsive websites:

How do the designers of these site handle the issues of navigation, organization of the content and the limited space that exists in the mobile version of the site?

3. Decide how to handle the navigation for your site

Be sure to review and study other responsive websites in order to gain a better understanding of the feasible options. Study other responsive websites in order to gain a better understanding of feasible options. Check out Responsive navigation patterns by Brad Frost. I recommend you use one of the navigations listed on the final project web page.

Base the design of your navigation on what you think you’re capable of building.
Look at the navigation tutorials on the final project page and get started on the one that you’d like to incorporate in your final project.

Modify the tutorial files so that they look like your design, or experiment with building only the navigation. It’s easier to work on the navigation only and to copy the HTML and CSS into your final files when you’ve finished it. Don’t wait and build the navigation in the last 2 weeks of the class.

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