Assignment 05


Due: Thursday, October 4


1. Choose your website for the midterm project and let me know.

Post your choice to the comments section below. Start working on the competitive analysis by looking at competitive websites. Post the competitive websites on your WordPress blog.

2. Team assignment: Find native or mobile web examples of the Capabilities below.

Working with a partner, find one good example for each of the capabilities listed below. Post your team findings on each of your WordPress blogs before our next class.

+ Location detection

Location detection is a big deal because it allows mobile web experiences to use your current whereabouts to deliver relevant information.

+ Device orientation/accelerometer

Accelerometers let us know when the device has been pivoted, tilted or rotated so our websites and applications can respond accordingly.

Accelerometers can also tell us the rate at which a device is moving in someone’s hand.

+ Touch

From simple actions like “pull down to refresh” and “swipe for more options,” new interactions are slowly becoming expectations. But touch can go beyond simple interactions and sometimes drive the entire way an application is used.

And, if you find a native app or mobile website that includes an advanced capability not outlined above, please note these examples also.

3. Using at your Assignment 03 Grid exercise, start building the column layout.

Build the desktop dimension and make it flexible grid and flexible margins + padding. (We’re moving towards creating flexible media, and adding media queries. )This is a good exercise in preparation for the Midterm Project.

4. Read “Chapter 4: “Organization” and Chapter 7: “Layout” from our textbook Mobile First.




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