GD 67 Final Project

Design Technology Department Website Redesign

Your final project presentations are Thursday, June 11.
No late projects accepted.


Class 10 (May 7): Team leader selected (email Jamie with name of leader) and site setup for team using the creative studio name selected by team.

Class 11 (May 14): Select your responsive WordPress theme.
Deliverables due: Final versions of Client Survey, Personas, Competitive Analysis, Communication Brief, Schedule, Final Estimate, Site map, Wireframes.

Class 12 (May 21):
Final Design, Final Content

Class 13 (May 28): Deliverables due:
Home page & a landing page finalized in WordPress.

Class 14 (June 4): Deliverables due:
In-class lab time.

Class 15 (June 11)Your final project presentations are Thursday, June 11 at 6:30pm. No late projects accepted.

Be sure to review the project objectives & goals and the goals for the Santa Monica College Design Technology Department stakeholders.

!. The focus of this project is to create a commercial quality, responsive, WordPress website that incorporates design, strategy, and interaction. Your website design should have a strong design aesthetic that reflects the project objective and goals for the website. The website design should also reflect a strong technical sophistication.

2. You’ll work in teams on the final project. The team will assign a team leader. This does not mean the team leader is responsible for doing all the work. All team members must “pull their weight” and not depend on others to complete the final project. On the final day of class, your team members will be assessing your work and role as a team member, so I will know if someone does not participate in the final project and this will be reflected in your final grade.

3. The purpose of working in teams is to give you the experience of working on a project as part of a group. Few websites are built as solo projects— most websites are build by a team of players who are experts in their fields.

You must make use of either any current images from the Santa Monica College website or royalty free images for your project. You cannot use images from other websites. You may use your own original artwork and/or photography if you prefer.

The final project web site specifications are:

  • Responsive WordPress website: 9-12 complete pages (and placeholder pages for other pages when applicable).
  • Project must successfully meet the objective and goals for the site and following the team’s supporting documentation (client survey, communication brief, etc)
  • A clear navigation system.
  • A successful sub-navigation system.
  • A strong visual design.
  • A visual concept that carries through the site.
  • Create a 5 minute screencast presentation of your final project website using Screenr. Or you may use Jing, or even Quicktime.
  • Post all project documentation to your team “studio” blog. (

Final Deliverables

Deliverable: 9-12 page responsive WordPress site
Deliverable: All supporting deliverables from Midterm project
Deliverable: Five minute screencast presentation of project


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