GD 67 Final Project Teams

Responsibilities as a team member

As teams members you agree to do the following:

  • Prepare before team meeting/class (for example, do all the required work for each class)
  • Complete any tasks that the team assigns to its members
  • Attend all meetings/classes and arrive on time
  • Actively participate during the team meeting in ways that further the work of the team
  • Help promote one another’s learning and success
  • Provide assistance, support, and encouragement to team members
  • Be involved in periodic self-assessments to determine whether the team is working successfully (Is the time in team meetings well spent?)

Final Project Teams

Team 1

Mega International

Final Project website

Amanda Johansson
Maria Arroyo
JP Powell – Team Leader
Toki Ngo Hoangthy

Team 2

Honorable Design

Final Project website

Murray Smith
Diana Gurevich
Jacqueline Pearson
Bill O’Donnell – Team Leader

Team 3

Studio 3

Final Project website

Lisa Kay
Gaby Velasquez

Team 4

Team Integratas

Final Project website

Casey Caputo
Kellie Matteson
Natsko Mckissack
Stephanie Hughes – Team Leader
Marcus Welles


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