GD 67 Class 16

Class 16 Topics: Final Project Presentations


  • All grades (except for the Final Project + Participation) are posted to the Grade Book on eCompanion. Please let me know if I missed any of your work.

Class 16

Design Technology Student Survey: Spring 2015

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below. The survey should only be completed one time per student for each semester.

Final Project Comments

(We will complete this together in class, please do not complete this before we do so in class)

Final Presentations

Thursday, June 11, 6:30pm

Keep these things in mind when working on your presentation

  • Every team will have approximately 10-15 minutes (total) plus a 5 minute Q & A
  • Every team member must speak during the presentation.
  • Be sure to stand up when possible and project your voice. I want to be able to hear you from the back of the room!
  • Have an outline of the information your team is presenting. Practice! Tell a story. Good presentations are about good storytelling. (You can use the screencast to practice, but you will do your presentation live)

Be sure you cover the five things I outlined below. While going through the point, focus on the “story.” Do not merely click through the pages of the site… give us context for your work!

  1. What where the objectives (problems and issues) for the project? What did the client (SMC Design Technology department) want for the redesign? What about the students?
  2. How did your team solve these problems and issues through your design?
  3. Be sure to show some documentation (but not all, remember you only have 10 minutes!): personas, sitemaps, wireframes etc. Make it part of the story you’re telling.
  4. Talk about the competitive analysis and what you discovered there.
  5. How did you select the color palette and the layout for the site?

Deliverable: 5-minute screencast

Please upload this to the class server.

The 5 minute screencast is a walk-through of your SMC Design Technology website redesign. This won’t be a part of your live presentation on June 11 (so you can think of it as practice for the final presentation.) Tell us what the issues are with the current SMC Design Technology site and how your team’s redesign solves these problems. Avoid simply navigating from page to page and saying:”then we did this page, and this page, and this… etc.”

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