GD 67 Class 01

Topics: Meet Noah, Interaction Designer, What is IxD, UI, and UX?, Responsive Web Design, Do You Have Your Own Website?, Domain Name Registration, Web hosting, Behance, WordPress, Teamwork.


  • Please note there is no required textbook for this class.

Meet Noah, Interaction Designer

What is IxD UI, and UX?

IxD: Interaction Design
User Interface
UX: User Experience

The Boston Globe and Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Be(come) a Self-Learner

Learn to learn. One of the most exciting things about web design is that it’s a very dynamic field. What you learn today will evolve over the years into something else. Nothing will stay the same. So embrace learning, because you’ll need to learn something new everyday.

Learn how to be a self-learner and to find answers to problems on your own. If you have a question, you can bet that someone else has had this same question, and has posted the answer online.

Learn to search Google for answers.

Professionals don’t have all the answers either, and even they have to figure out new things on a daily basis. So learn to think on your feet and to creatively problem-solve. This skill will make you a very valuable designer, technologist, and/or entrepreneur.

Learning Resources

Exercise 1: What resources will we use in this class?

Learning to Learn

How do you learn? On your WordPress blog, tell us more about how you find answers to problems in your other courses, or for your work. What resources do you regularly use?

Tell us about it on your WordPress blog.

Becoming a Great Web Designer

What do you need to know?

Other things to consider:

  • Knowing your tools.
  • Staying up-to-date.
  • Collaborating. Design is a team endeavor.

Exercise 2: What additional things will you need to know to be a great web designer?

Do You Have Your Own Website?

If you’re serious about web/interaction design, It’s really important that you have your own website.

A potential client will expect you to have your own website. And your own website is a great place to practice improving your design and technical skills. I will support you in this process and am happy to answer any questions you have about creating your own site. Below are the two things you’ll need if you don’t already have them; a domain name and web hosting.

Are you on Behance?

Showcase & Discover Creative Work.

What are the advantages of creating a portfolio on Behance?

28 graphic designers to follow on Behance

Domain Name Registration

Please review the following:

Web Hosting

Please review the following:


(Review these videos if you need to review)


In this class, we’ll use a Content Management System to create websites for our class blog. A content management system, commonly referred to as a “CMS” is “a computer application used to create, edit, manage, search and publish various kinds of digital media.” For our Student Blogs, we’ll use WordPress but there are many other CMS applications available such as Drupal and Joomla.

What is WordPress?

• Allows anyone to create and update a blog or website.
• Web-based publishing software. Access anywhere, anytime.
• It’s FREE. versus


In the design profession, nearly all important projects are too large to be completed by just one person. Because of this, each creative firm strives to develop a culture that fosters effective teamwork.

  • Mutual respect
  • A larger commitment to the project
  • Open communication
  • Monitoring progress daily and weekly

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