GD 67 Midterm Project

Due: Thursday, April 23 at 6:30pm


SMC Design Technology Department Website Redesign

Goals + Objectives

  • Enhance the awareness of the Design Technology department by highlighting the campus, the relevancy of the programs, (Entertainment Technology, Graphic Design, Interior Architectural Design) and showcase the work of the students.
  • Create a sense of community where students, prospective students, faculty and alumni can keep informed and involved with the Design Technology department.
  • Focus attention on career placement and networking for students and on building a community of alumni who remain active with their respective programs.
  • Feature the new state-of-the-art facility for the Design Technology department which is being built and will also house the Communications department, and the college radio station KCRW.

Specifications: Create 3 wireframes for two pages of a responsive website

Based on what we know about building a responsive website, and based on your research and study of other responsive websites, create 3 wireframes for two pages of a responsive website redesign for the SMC Design Technology Department website (home page + landing page).

The three wireframes should show the layout as it responds to the 3 breakpoints below:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop

Base your wireframes on the concept of “Mobile First,” thinking about the process documents created for class and what  the primary goals and audience(s) are for the site.


  • Client Survey
  • Creative/Project Brief
  • Estimate + Schedule
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Personas
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes:  Home page + Landing page  (2 pages / 3 breakpoints each)
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Build one of the wireframes in Bootstrap (or any other framework) and post to the class server.

Post your thoughts, process, and decision-making process for this project on your WordPress blog. Set up your WordPress blog so that each deliverable has it’s own page or post. Your WordPress blog should tell the story of how you moved through the process. Make sure it’s clear and every deliverable is easy to find.

Due Dates
March 12 – Client Survey due
March 19 (no class) – Creative/Project Brief, Estimate and Schedule due
March 26 – Competitive Analysis due
April 2 – Personas + Sitemap due
April 9 – Wireframes
April 23 – Midterm project: All Deliverables + Bootstrap “wireframe”

Midterm Presentations

Please be sure to combine all of the above deliverables (except for the Extra Credit responsive prototype) into one PDF file.  Combine all the deliverables into ONE pdf to make it easier to present your work.

You can merge PDFs in Preview on a Mac, or in Adobe Acrobat.

Or, here’s another resource:

Example of “A-level” Work

Example 1

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