GD 66 Midterm + Final

Responsive Restaurant Website

Create a responsive website for one of the restaurants below. (Please change the name of the restaurant for the redesign) :

  1. CaCao Mexicatessen
  2. Spitfire Grill:
  3. Gale’s Restaurant:
  4. Shunji:
  5. Son of a Gun

This website redesign must also include the use of the items below. These will be covered later in the semester, but take these items in consideration as you redesign the site:

  • Embedded fonts
  • Responsive navigation
  • Responsive Slideshow
  • Responsive Form (optional)

Midterm Project

Due Tuesday, April 7

Deliverables due:

Examples of deliverables:

Theses deliverables should be refined and final versions of the documents you completed for your Assignments. If you turn in exactly what you completed for your homework assignments, your grade will be negatively affected.

  1. Design Brief
  2. Sitemap
  3. Style Tiles
  4. Wireframes
  5. Design Comps (First round/Version 1)
  6. Responsive Prototype of  the home page in HTML5/CSS <— This part due after Spring Break on Tuesday, April 21. Example of Responsive Prototype: Alima Pure Cosmetics Responsive Prototype

Please save all the above documents as PDFs and combine into ONE pdf file and upload to the class server before the beginning of class on the 7th.

You can merge PDFs in Preview on a Mac, or in Adobe Acrobat.

Or, here’s another resource:

Please upload to the class server before the beginning of class on the 7th

Final Project

Due Tuesday, June 9

Deliverables due:

  1. Final Design Comps
  2. Responsive Website. The website must included embedded fonts, responsive navigation, a responsive slideshow, and a responsive form (optional).

Please note: All HTML Demo files are located here:

Due Dates

Tuesday, April 28: Work on a revision to your Design Comp and create a second version. Start working on your Design Comps for the rest of your pages.
Tuesday, May 5: 2 Landing page Design Comps due + Final Home page Design Comps due.
Tuesday, May 12: Final Design Comps due. Start HTML5/CSS
Tuesday, May 19: Keep working on HTML5/CSS
Tuesday, May 26: Integrate Responsive elements: Menu, Form, jQuery Slideshow
Tuesday, June 2: In-class lab time
Tuesday, June 9: Final Project Due

Upload your final project to your “lastname_firstname_final” folder on or before Tuesday, June 9.

Use of logos and images

For this project, please replace the actual name of the company/organization with a fictitious name and replace their logo and images with copyright free images. We need to do this because we don’t have permission to use another company’s assets and content.

Image attribution (this can be inserted in the footer of your website)

Images © La Citta Vitaavixyz, star5112

Where the Best Designers Go to Find Photos

Try searching here:

I suggest taking advantage of the Creative Commons license on the Flickr site.

Other resources for images



Food Porn Group

Cuisine Group


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