GD 66 Class 01

Topics: Course Introduction, Meet Noah, Interaction Designer, What is IxD UI, and UX?, The Art of Web Design, Be(come) a Self-Learner, Learning Resources, Becoming a Great Web Designer, WordPress, Web Design 1 Review.


Meet Noah, Interaction Designer

What is IxD UI, and UX?

The Art of Web Design

People to follow

Jeffrey Zeldman

Jason Santa Maria

Whitney Hess

Dan Saffer

Be(come) a Self-Learner

Learn to learn. One of the most exciting things about web design is that it’s a very dynamic field. What you learn today will evolve over the years into something else. Nothing will stay the same. So embrace learning, because you’ll need to learn something new everyday.

Learn how to be a self-learner and to find answers to problems on your own. If you have a question, you can bet that someone else has had this same question, and has posted the answer online.

Learn to search Google for answers.

Professionals don’t have all the answers either, and even they have to figure out new things on a daily basis. So learn to think on your feet and to creatively problem-solve. This skill will make you a very valuable designer, technologist, and/or entrepreneur.

Learning Resources

Exercise 1: What resources will we use in this class?

Learning to Learn

How do you learn? On your WordPress blog, tell us more about how you find answers to problems in your other courses, or for your work. What resources do you regularly use?

Tell us about it on your WordPress blog.

Becoming a Great Web Designer

What do you need to know?

Other things to consider:

  • Knowing your tools.
  • Staying up-to-date.
  • Collaborating. Design is a team endeavor.

Exercise 2: What additional things will you need to know to be a great web designer?

On Good Taste and Making Stuff

Setting up WordPress

Set up a free website:

WordPress Quick Start Guilde:

In this class we’re going to use to post some of our work. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). Below is a short video about WordPress (the version you install on your own server — more info can be found at Note that we’re using the version of WordPress which is different than the version you install on your server.

There is also a good video about what is a CMS.

Web Design 1 Review

Review what you learned in Web Design 1

Quick Links

  1. Domain Name Registration
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Web File Naming Conventions
  4. File Organization
  5. The Basics of HTML [Video]
  6. Basic HTML Tags
  7. The Basics of CSS [Video]
  8. One Column CSS Layout [3 Videos]
  9. Two Column CSS Layout [2 Videos]

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