GD 66 Class 16

Topics: Final Project Presentations


  • All grades (except for the Final Project) are posted to the Grade Book on eCompanion. Please let me know if I missed any of your work.
  • Final Presentations will start at the beginning of class Tuesday, June 9. Please have your project uploaded to the class server before class. You must attend class and present your project in order to receive your grade.

Class 16

Design Technology Student Survey: Spring 2015

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below. The survey should only be completed one time per student for each semester.

Final Project Presentations: Tuesday, June 9

Presentations are an opportunity to receive feedback from me and your peers. Be prepared to talk about your design process and what choices you’ve made with your design. Act like we’re the client and tell us things important when presenting to a client:

  • Prepare to speak for 5 minutes about your project.
  • Show us your final project website posted on the class server.
  • Who is the target audience? How does your design meet the needs of the target audience? In what way does your design appeal to this audience?
  • What are the needs of the client? Talk about the needs and objectives and how your design serves these needs.
  • In what way did you think about Mobile First? How did designing for the mobile user affect your design?
  • Talk about the specifics of your design: Why did you pick the color palette for the website? How did you organize the content and design the navigation?
  • Learning to talk about your designs is one of the most important skills to develop during your time in school! Be sure to stand up tall and speak loudly so we can hear you in the back of the room.

While critiquing your peers’ work remember to be respectful and constructive. We’re all here to learn so give thoughtful, useful feedback.

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