GD 65 Assignment 3

Below are your assignments due next week by 8:00am Monday, November 17.



Estimated time to complete: 4 hours

Class 03A & Class 03B notes
Assigned Reading from Textbook

  • Chapter 5: Marking up Text
  • Chapter 11: Cascading Style Sheet Orientation


Estimated time to complete: 1+ hours

Discussion – Assignment 3: Website Design Critiques
We’ll discuss the Monday May design comps in our first classroom meeting. You will create a revision based on our discussion. Save a .jpg or .png image of your revised design comp for Monday May Design and post to your Tumblr blog by Saturday 5:00pm, November 15. Also include a few sentences about who the client (Monday May Design) is and who the target audience is.

For this discussion you will critique each others’ design based on the criteria from the Basics of Web Design post on the everything about web website. For your classmate, please discuss how successful their design is in the following areas:

      1. The Grid
      2. Color Palette
      3. Navigation
      4. Design Principles
      5. Typography

Please critique the Monday May Design for each classmate in your group. I’ve created the groups below. Please find your classmate’s design on their Tumblr blog. All links to Tumblr blogs are posted on this GD 65 Student Blogs page. Please post your comments in the Discussion section of the eCompanion site in your Group post. Don’t forget to identify which classmate you’re critiquing and be sure to post your comments in the correct Group section!

If you don’t post your design to your Tumblr blog, your classmates aren’t responsible for critiquing your work and your grade for this assignment will be adversely affected. You’ll also miss out on the opportunity to have others give you valuable feedback!

Links to GD 65 Tumblr blogs is located here:

Here are the groups:

Group 1

Renata Barbieri

Jerome Burnes

Steffanie Edwards

Casey Mccallister

Denise De La Rosa

Katsiaryna Nesterov

Kailey Secrest

Group 2

Monica Azevedo

Oscar Borjas

Amalia Darin

Joy Deits

Minjeong Kim

Wendy Suermann

If your name is not listed in a group it’s because I haven’t received the link to your Tumblr blog.


Estimated time to complete: 1+ hours

The videos below are the same as those posted in the Class 03B notes. 

VIDEO: Please watch if you’re using Dreamweaver CC

Shortcut to toggle as discussed in video below:

For PC users: Hit Ctrl + Alt +Shift + P and the CSS Designer will turn into the old CSS Panel.

For MAC users: Hit Command + Option + Shift + P and the CSS Designer will turn into the old CSS Panel.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

VIDEO: One Column CSS Layout – Part 1

VIDEO: One Column CSS Layout – Part 1

VIDEO: One Column CSS Layout – Part 2

VIDEO: One Column CSS Layout – Part 3


Estimated time to complete: 3+ hours

Part 1 – Create a one-column layout in HTML/CSS for the Smithsonian Education web page as is demonstrated in the videos. Please refer to the class notes (the “starter code” I use in the video is located there) and the videos for this exercise. Please make sure your are using correct file organization and turn in the entire “final_web” folder which contains all the HTML files, images folder with images, and the CSS file for the web page.

In order to complete this exercise, download the Photoshop file for the Smithsonian web page and a folder of the 2 images for this exercise.

The “starter code” for this one-column layout exercise is located in the Class 03A notes:

Part 2 – Code webpage using 20 Basic HTML tags
Building on the page you created for Assignment 1, use the 20 basic HTML tags located in the page below to create a page with all of these elements. Please review Chapter 4 of our textbook. If you need to, review our videos from Week 01, The Basics of HTML and The Basics of CSS.

This assignment will not be graded on design, this is an opportunity for you to work with the tags in a page to see how they work.

When you upload your zip file to the Dropbox, please be sure to include your name in your file names. For example:

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